The Allure of Anger

Politics is nothing short of a battleground. 

Maybe things have always been this way but that isn’t an excuse to maintain the status quo. We’re in the wake of highly polarized times where anger’s leash has been removed. One only needs to glance at Twitter for examples of blatant toxicity. Now do that everyday and report back. It will be amazing to come out unchanged. Toxicity feeds on itself and perpetuates this cycle of degradation.

Why has anger become so alluring?

The answer fundamentally is rooted in how easy it is to succumb to these feelings. It takes little work to allow wrath to consume you. In fact, it even comes with a sense of fulfillment. Unleashing furor on a supposed enemy gratifies the mind. This is only true in the short term though. The collateral damage to your soul includes the hardening of sentiments to those we disagree with. They begin to represent a threat. It triggers a primal instinct to regroup with the tribe and work towards vanquishing them.

In some instances, this reaction is justifiable. Not always though. In appears to me that another state of mind should be our default. Rage as our first line of response is a weak man’s game. Transitioning there based on rational considerations is a separate matter.

The truly strong are those who resist the urge to attack. Those who express consideration and levelheadedness. It takes far more strength to conquer yourself as opposed to any other individual. The capable among us refuse to strawman their opponents and instead, face their arguments at full strength.

Tolerance is often toted as a desirable trait. I would agree with that. Comically enough though, those who seek to express their heightened levels of tolerance are often the most intolerant people we can observe. It is not honorable to wield virtues in ways that benefit you and to discard them when they become burdensome. Yet, this is another phenomenon we experience abundantly. A level of logical consistency needs to be demanded of people otherwise we allow blatant hypocrisy to become the norm.

A period will come where we’ll need to address this animosity, so what better time than now? When given the choice between wrath and levelheadedness, pick the latter. Of course, this is no easy task. It takes dedication but watering down the flames of polarization is a worthy goal. You may slip, but always be eager to correct mistakes that were made. 

The only way forward is together.

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