What I stand for.

It may be an impossible task, but I’m determined to undo polarization to whatever degree I can.

This pattern of retreating into political identities is hazardous. It fuels tribalism and extremist rhetoric that continually seeks to disconnect us from reality.

My answer to this is centrism

It is one of the few flexible ideologies that exist. It actively encourages you to parse through ideas and select the individual ones that align with your beliefs. Instead of a predetermined bundle, you are free to customize. It would be a dramatic improvement to shed the lesser ideas attached to the political right and left. Then, we could focus on the truly real issues at hand.

This is difficult to accomplish while people are still willing to battle for an ideology that they likely don’t even align with entirely. The only worthy approach is to seek the best ideas, regardless of where they come from. Blind allegiance, groupthink and confirmation bias are all fallacies to avoid.

Looking towards the future, I am hopeful that one day, we can achieve a real global society. A place where arbitrary facts of birth are no longer interesting. A place where we operate under one banner, the human race. I find identity politics, intersectionality and polarization to be deplorable in that context. They actively hinder our progress and inhibit our potential.

Additionally, I believe knowledge, or the tools to develop knowledge, should be freely accessible.

There is no excuse to withhold information from people at this point in history. Sharing is easier than ever and provides benefits that accrue throughout all of society.

I refuse to let money interfere with my mission or act as a barrier that halts individuals from accessing my content. As a result, I’ve decided to pledge that all of my material will be free. This includes my podcasts, opinion articles and books.

This then begs the question of how I can sustain myself. Ideally, I would like to rely on crowdfunding. Users who find my content valuable and are in a position to support me are welcome to pitch in. Aside from marginal benefits and perks, there won’t be tremendous differences between paid subscribers and other users. This is something I will be committed to no matter how large we grow. 

Having said that, if you still feel compelled, you can contribute here. Aside from that, I am happy that you have come across my work, this is fulfilling in and of itself.